Build Your Product

Learn how to productize your service and scale your business
beyond yourself.

Meet Jake Jorgovan.

For years, Jake worked his butt off as a consultant.

He built a great six-figure consulting business, but it burned him out.

Jake white-knuckled the cash crunch between projects and was always worried about money.

Jake was tired from endlessly prospecting, marketing and closing every deal himself.

Jake wore seventeen hats and the stuff he sucked at, just didn’t get done. That came back to bite him in a big way. One day, he decided he’d had enough.

He needed to find a different business model.

But he didn’t want to abandon his clients or burn his reputation to the ground.

Jake found the productized service business model.

The model made a lot of promises that sounded far-fetched:

- Recurring revenue
- Freedom of time
- Working on what he wanted to

Jake grabbed the opportunity with both hands and executed.

It worked.

Today, Jake works a few hours a week on his business.

He watches his recurring revenue grow every month, while he takes a six-figure salary and aggressively pays down his student loans.

He’s handed off sales, marketing, admin, delivery and everything else he doesn’t want to do… so he can focus on what he loves: creating and learning.

He has plenty of free cash to hire specialists to solve problems that are outside of his wheelhouse.

Jake still has problems… but they’re a lot less stressful:

Which exotic location should he work from next? His business is 100% remote so he’s bouncing all over the globe with his wife.

Where will he run his next half-marathon?

When he sells his business, where will he invest the proceeds?

Jake transitioned from:

Build Your Product

In the Build Your Product program, you can follow the exact same steps Jake did to level up from consultant to CEO.

  • Consciously create a business built around your personal goals. You can have steady, recurring income so you can take a vacation without freaking out that your business will collapse.
  • Say no to the consulting projects that suck. You can pick the clients that make you a ton of money and that you enjoy working with.
  • Handoff the grunt work. You can go to the gym, hang out in the garden or finish your Christina Aguilera singing lessons on Masterclass without feeling guilty.
  • Achieve non-linear scale in your business. Your customer base can grow without your cost base growing at the same rate.

Who will get the most out of this program?


How the program works


You consume practical, tactical, and results-oriented content.

On Thursday each week, you’ll receive a module to work through. This will include written content, video content, audio content, exercises, and templates.


You take action.

You’ll do the work.  If you choose to upgrade to the paid program option, you will get the opportunity to:


Reinforce what you've learned in the weekly group call.

You’ll join a live 60-minute call to ask questions to help cement what you learned. You’ll be able to help other participants through their challenges.

DAILY - Get your questions answered in Slack

You will have a few setbacks during the program. The private slack community will help you bounce off the bottoms of your lows, so you can hit those good-time highs (like signing up new customers, getting referrals and maybe even selling an annual subscription!)

What you'll walk away with


✓ A 360-degree self-assessment of your strengths and skills, so you can build a business that fits you and your unique goals

✓ A grab-bag of mental models and a viable productized service that fits you and the market opportunity.

✓ A product document from a productized service that sells for $1,500/month

✓ Proven outreach templates and tactics, so you can sign up customers, get paid and quickly recoup your program investment

✓ A quick and dirty guide to mapping the top three processes you need to handoff

✓ Dozens of marketing ideas you can use to get the word out about your new offering, pronto!

✓ A profit and loss statement, a three-year product roadmap and an org chart that will set you up for distraction-free execution

Learn how to productize your service, scale your business beyond yourself and step up as a CEO.

"There are few who I trust as much as him.

In an industry full of wannabes, charlatans, and fakes, Alex is anything but. I first met Alex when he introduced himself at one of my events.

Since then he’s been a calm, trustworthy, and inspiring mentor to me. In other words, when I needed a solid opinion on my business or otherwise, there are few who I trust as much as him."

Sam Parr | CEO, The Hustle

“I would recommend him to other founders who want to take their company to the next level.

After reading about Alex's journey building WPCurve, I decided to work with him to help me get clear on my vision for my current company. He helped me get clarity around what kind of company I wanted to scale, and what kind of entrepreneur I would need to become to achieve that vision. I've used his advice to choose a path that's well-suited to my personal strengths, and this has helped me make the right call about where to play and how to win. I would recommend him to other founders who want to take their company to the next level.”

Ria Lao | CEO, Groupstar

“You’ll get the results you’re looking for with Coach Claff.

If you want a no-bullsh!t approach to supporting your growth and goals, so much so that it will hurt – then Alex is your guy.

My co-founder and I met weekly with Alex to discuss and strategize the most significant challenges we had at that time. After working together for eight months, Alex played a pivotal role in assisting us through a successful exit. His coaching, frameworks, and counsel were invaluable to us while navigating a hyper-emotional process. I’m very grateful we had Alex in our corner.

If you dare to hear hard truths, do the homework, and put it into action – you’ll get the results you’re looking for with Coach Claff.”

Stefan Teulon | CEO, Zunos

Let’s dive into the details

The program has 4 weeks on + 1 week off + 4 weeks on. You’ll work for four weeks, have a well-earned one week break, then come back to close out the remaining four weeks strong!

In the first four weeks of the program, you’ll create your plan of attack.

Module 1 | Know yourself

The first module is all about self-awareness. Most business programs miss this because they focus on a tactic. This program is different because it starts with you. Here’s what you’ll cover:

• Define why you want to build this business
• Map and assess your unique strengths
• Create your Johari window to highlight blind spots
• Create your user manual (it’s an FAQ, all about you)
• Define your perfect company
• Rank the tasks you enjoy against what needs to be done
• Get clear by documenting an ideal day in your new business

Participant feedback: “I very much enjoyed the setting my intentions, my perfect day, and thinking through things on the front end.”

Module 2 | Find an opportunity

This module will teach you how to choose the appropriate market, platform, and product to take to market. Here’s what you’ll cover:

• How to get comfortable with failure and keep moving forward
• Mental models for dissecting and choosing the best opportunity
• How to leverage existing platforms and their inbuilt growth curves
• Your high-level ‘product on a page’

Participant feedback: “I liked learning about compound annual growth rate and how to think of platform and markets as an accelerator for your business. Also, going through the whole checklist with every idea helped me to think it through in a structured manner.”

Module 3 | Define your productized service

Now you’ve got clarity on who you are, what you want, the platform and the market; you’ll drill down into the nitty-gritty details of your product. You’ll:

• Score your product idea against the RESCUE framework
• Create a customer avatar
• Define the value drivers in your productized service
• Create a detailed feature list
• Break out your features into small, medium and large plans
• Anchor your pricing into value, rather than cost-saving or efficiency
• Create a ‘no-brainer’ value proposition

Participant feedback: “The customer avatar and value drivers sections were GREAT! I understood (a pretty obvious thing probably) that I’m building a solution not for a segment, but for a segment that is in a specific situation. This simplified the whole process of “productizing” in my head :)”

Module 4 | Make it rain!

This module is the turning point in the program. Instead of sitting around and hypothesizing about what might be a good idea, you’ll take your product to market. You’ll:

• Brace yourself for rejection
• Mash everything up a quick and dirty sales page
• Put your sales page in front of prospective customers
• Identify where and how you can target customers with your offer
• Learn how distractions and procrastination will slow you down
• Commit to updating the weekly sales board – there are no passengers!

Participant feedback: “Getting clear on my offer and starting to put it out into the world has been insanely useful. I’ve pivoted around quite a bit but it’s because I moved from theory in my head to actually putting it in front of people. When I tried to put the first offer in front of people it felt weird. It was kind of like “This is an odd mashup of services.”

The advising I gave to others to help them through their model, ultimately helped me turn that advice on myself. I have basically gone down the route of choosing a vertical niche with a specific productized framework to help them achieve a specific outcome. So helping others on their value propositions helped me clarify my own, which was a nice surprise.

“In two months with Alex, I accomplished more than in the past four years on my own.

Alex has been a game changer for my life and business. As a solo founder, it’s a lonely journey. I meet with Alex weekly, and he gives me that sounding board to validate my actions, and he keeps me focused on the ideas and things that matter most.

With Alex’s help, I literally took an idea from concept to $20K MRR in 60 days. My income hit new heights and continues to grow month over month.

To add to that, I am not stressed because I have been able to build a team of quality people around me and give them autonomy and direction they need to run this business.

For years, I tried to go it alone which led to mediocre businesses that all fizzled out and died. In two months with Alex, I accomplished more than in the past four years on my own.”

Jake Jorgovan | CEO, Lead Cookie

Module 5 | Get customers

This module is hand-to-hand combat. You’ll be offering your existing customers your new service. If you don’t have any customers that fit the profile, you’ll be finding new prospects and talking to them. You’ll do this until you have a handful of customers you can serve.

Here’s what’s you’ll walk away with:

• A list of aspirational customers
• A documented warm outreach approach
• A proven template for warm outreach
• A documented cold outreach approach
• A template for cold outreach
• A recurring calendar invite that prompts you to do outreach every day

Finding customers is where founders procrastinate the most. This module will strip away any excuses you have because you’ll have proven tactics and templates to get your product in front of the right people. 

Participant feedback: “I need an outreach plan and I need to work the plan. I liked this.”

Module 6 | Process shakeout & product definition

This module will help you avoid premature optimization. You don’t need a custom dashboard when you only have 10 or 20 customers. Getting carried away with optimization is a creative form of procrastination and we’re going to outsmart it. Here’s what you’ll learn:

• How to get the *just right* amount of process
• Why your productized service should be very clunky in the early days
• The ideal vision of your productized service
• How to identify bottlenecks in your business
• How to catalog and document the high-level processes that matter   

Participant feedback: “Writing out the ideal vision versus what’s possible forced me to document what the ultimate customer experience was versus just have it as an idea. Understanding the processes that each business must have opened my eyes on things we need to do and where I am dropping the ball."

Module 7 | Kickstart your marketing

You’ve got paying customers and a business process. Now it’s time to figure out how you will predictably, repeatedly acquire customers every day. You won’t be:

• Starting a blog to *hopefully* acquire customers in the distant future
• Trying to get drive-by traffic from sources like Reddit or Product Hunt
• Engineering a 30-step marketing funnel with tripwires and down-sells

You will be going directly after your customers. You might find yourself:

• Doing free work to bring customers in the door
• Investing money in a paid advertising campaign
• Identifying a referral partner who will send you a ton of customers

You’ll learn:

• Proven marketing channels for early-stage productized services
• Unscalable marketing tactics to get your first ten customers
• How to get your customers to market for you
• How to make your chosen marketing channel work overtime

Participant feedback: “The “find your marketing twist” question made me think! I also loved the channels grading matrix. It helped me to figure out where I would like to focus (and because a table with lots of numbers looks very cool)."

Module 8 | Build your roadmap for scale

In this module, you’ll pull everything together. You will:

• Understand the three phases of how your business will grow
• Learn how to build your business for scale
• Understand why your organizational structure follows your strategy
• Learn how to think about profit, salary, and reinvestment in growth
• Create and model a very simple 12-month P&L
• Pull your product, finances, and goals into a one-page roadmap
• Write out your vision, values, mission, objectives & milestones

Participant feedback: “This was by far my favorite module yet. This has been MASSIVELY helpful. My biggest takeaway is to get away from the idea that your headcount needs to grow in proportion to your customers. I’ve made this mistake before and I saw myself about to start making this mistake again. This insight alone is going to help me create wayyyyy more margin. This one insight helped me revamp my whole org chart and P&L and feel way better about it.

A preview lesson from the program

Bonus content

On top of the regular course content, you’ll also get access to:

✓ An interview with Matt Ellsworth (ex 500 Startups, now COO PandaScore) on cold emails, scaling your outbound marketing and how to follow up without being annoying

✓ A podcast with Nemo Chu (500 Startups, 7-figure business owner, growth marketer & jump-shooter extraordinaire) on the method he uses to validate productized services and get clients on the phone

✓ An interview with Patrick Campbell from Price Intelligently & ProfitWell on how to scale a consultancy, pricing and what it’s like to give away a SaaS product for free

✓ A resource hub with a list of recommended apps and tools to make your life a lot easier

Plus a lot more…

Who is this for?

You must have an existing business to participate in this program. This program is not for beginners. 

You’ll be a good fit if you feel like…

✓ A frazzled freelancer

✓ A consultant on a hamster wheel

✓ An agency owner struggling with feast and famine

✓ A service business operator who wears seventeen hats

✓ A hustler who could use a hard-ass coach to keep them in check
✓ A domain expert who has a hard time merchandising their skills
✓ Your business is ticking over ‘OK,’ but you want to level up and build something that you can scale.

How much is this going to cost me?

I’m giving away the course content for free. Say what?

If you sign up for the Free plan, you’ll get the workbook and all of the videos for free.
You won’t get any support, but I can refer you to a free Facebook group if you have questions.

If you sign up for the paid option, you’ll get the workbook, videos, access to the community in Slack,
and weekly coaching calls.

"Build Your Product is one the best programs I have been part and I have done YC Startup School twice.

My biggest take-way was engineering a long term business and asset that I am excited about running every day and will keep going when it gets challenging or difficult. This caused me to completely pivot my idea from one-off sales to a subscription model.

The program has a solid focus on Sales, Marketing and team, which are the most important ingredients for creating a successful business. Be warned, don't ever think of suggesting to discount services to Alex, he will lose this sh!t. It's not allowed. Ever!

The program is no fluff and no bullsh!t. The content and videos are value-packed, yet short and actionable. There is no time wasted on unnecessary content and fillers. 

Alex's experience and support are amazing and his track record speaks for itself.”

~ David |

Just the content


• Your very own 90-page Build Your Product workbook 

• Access to 50+ HD videos jam-packed with actionable content and field-tested lessons you can apply  

• Access to 10+ interviews with experts from startups, productized services, marketing and sales 

• An invite to the members-only slack group  

• On-demand workbook review and feedback by Coach Claff 

• 9 x 60 minute group Zoom calls to work through sticking points in the program 

• HD video call recordings including video, audio and transcription 


Content, coaching, community & more


• Your very own 90-page Build Your Product workbook  

• Access to 50+ HD videos jam-packed with actionable content and field-tested lessons you can apply 

• Access to 10+ interviews with experts from startups, productized services, marketing and sales 

• An invite to the members-only slack group  

• On-demand workbook review and feedback by Coach Claff 

• 9 x 60 minute group Zoom calls to work through sticking points in the program 

• HD video call recordings including video, audio and transcription 


Who is behind this program?

Hi, I’m Alex McClafferty but my clients call me Coach Claff.

In 2013, I co-founded WP Curve.

WP Curve was a productized service – we offered 24/7 WordPress support from $69/month.

About three months after starting the company, I was sitting at breakfast checking slack and my wife asked me where I was. Not with her, apparently. I was doing the burned-out consultant thing… and something had to give. So I needed to figure out how to scale myself out of the business and get it together.

It took another three months for WP Curve to crack $10,000 in monthly recurring revenue. I was fat and drank way too much. I also worked about seventy hours a week.

By 2015, we scaled the company across the magical $83,000 monthly recurring revenue mark. I had started to learn some lessons at this stage. I had replaced myself in the business. I had a bunch of free time and played a lot of basketball.

I had also started coaching Jon Tucker from Helpflow, who you’ll hear from a bit later on. I also started consulting to SaaS companies in the San Francisco Bay area and was making a six-figure salary from two businesses. I started investing in and focusing on my emotional and physical health.

In 2016, I sold WP Curve to GoDaddy.

I made a life-changing amount of money from the sale. It was also a stressful and emotional time, but it was worth it.

I went on to grow the team and scale the business to handle GoDaddy’s massive scale of 17 million customers! The product lives on here:

While I was at GoDaddy, I worked with a few more clients to keep my coaching skills sharp.

In 2018, I left GoDaddy to follow my passion as a CEO Coach.

I’ve coached dozens of entrepreneurs to build, scale and even sell their own business… and I built this program to help more people like you achieve the same or better results than I did.



“I was present for the first two years of my son’s life.

After reading a blog post about how Alex built WP Curve, I sent him an email with a slew of questions. That email changed my life. Alex helped me see what mattered, nudging me in the right direction, asking the right questions and helping me envision ‘why’ I was building the business.

It’s interesting to look back on that vision now. It happened almost exactly as Alex said it would:

• We hit our revenue target one week before my 30th birthday – literally within seven days of my initial goal.
• I took time off to be there for the first two years of my son’s life. That’s something most people learn later after regretting “missing out” on their children’s lives.
• My family and I moved into a new house and are getting ready for the arrival of our next child.

Alex’s insight, experience and willingness to help was instrumental in getting to where we are now.”

Jon Tucker | CEO, Helpflow

“I 4Xed my income.

Alex has this rare ability to empathize while calling me out on all of my bullshit excuses. He’s always there to keep me honest and challenge me to think bigger.

Since meeting three years ago, I’ve used his advice to 4x my income. I would recommend him to any entrepreneur wanting to grow their company.”

Andrew Case | Founder, CharityWell

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re looking to outsource effort or make a token investment in your business without doing any work, then no, you’ll be wasting your money. Go for the free plan.

If you’ve bought a lot of online programs before, but have failed to take action, then no, you’ll be wasting your money.

If you’re committed to building a productized service, have a willingness to learn and put in the work, then you’ll get a massive return on investment.

The bonus is that you only need to learn these principles once, and they’re yours for life. 

Click here to apply for the program

I personally review every application for the program. This helps me make sure that we’re a good fit for each other and you have an established business. If you’re brand new to business, this is not the program for you. I don’t accept everyone and if you misrepresent yourself on your application, you’ll be asked to leave and refunded the program fee.

Here’s the application process:

  1. You apply
  2. I review your application and do a quick background check
  3. If I have further questions, I’ll ask you to reserve a brief call with me
  4. I will email you to advise you of your application status
  5. You make a 10% deposit ($349) to hold your spot

Your deposit will go towards the total cost of the program.

If you decide to pull out, your deposit is 100% refundable.

The program launch dates are as follows:

  • 9 October 2019
  • 8 January 2020
  • 11 March 2020
  • 13 May 2020
  • 15 July 2020
  • 16 September 2020
  • 18 November 2020

Here is what I won’t do:

  • Sell you on the dream of flying private jets or joining a secret club
  • Pressure-sell you 
  • Overcharge and underdeliver

A lot of coaches lack practical experience or are so focused on revenue; they don’t care about the success of their clients. Not me.

Here is what I will do:

  • I will give you specific, proven and detailed steps to follow to build a scalable and profitable business
  • I will be ruthlessly honest with you. If you’re not doing the work and not contributing to the group, your membership will be reviewed
  • I will help you in any way I possibly can. Many ‘coaches’ see clients as a big payday. I see clients as friends for life, who I support through the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. Some of my clients even end up coaching me!

The time commitment is a minimum of four hours per week for eight weeks. At least 60 minutes will be spent on content, 60 minutes on calls and another 120+ minutes on execution and implementation.

The program will be held online via Zoom and Slack. As long as you have internet access, you’ll be able to attend. It’s expected that you will attend all of the group calls. If there’s an emergency, no worries. You can catch the recording later on. 

I will be grouping participants by geography to make sure you don’t have to wake up at 5 AM to join a group call. That means there will be a call in your timezone at a reasonable time.

If you’re having a hard time financially and can’t cover the program as a business expense or personal expense without going into debt, please opt for the free program. Ethically, I won’t accept people into the program who are in a hard financial position. It puts too much pressure on the participant, as well as the group who will be supporting them. Please consume the free content and re-enroll when things are a bit more steady for you.

Here are just a few of the participants we’ve attracted to the program:

  • A content marketing consultant who wants to free up time to work on charitable causes
  • An agency owner who wants to create a scalable and recurring revenue stream to supplement big projects
  • An ex-VP Marketing who wants to avoid the back and forth of consulting engagements and launch straight into a productized service
  • An IT consultant who wants to build a productized service that generates meaningful recurring income without requiring extra work hours
  • A CTO who runs multiple part-time businesses

  • A Public Relations consultant who wishes to build recurring revenue and travel the United States in an Airstream

  • A consultant who has a thriving agency, but wants to build a supplementary recurring revenue stream

All of the photos on this page were taken by me during the hours most people are working. I would love every person who joins this program to be able to enjoy Mother Nature or do whatever they want with their time. As a CEO, you can have this level of freedom if you want it.

Yes, you are welcome to join if you have a business partner or partners. It is an extra $700 per person if you are from the same team.

Learn how to productize your service and scale your business
beyond yourself.

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Consultant to CEO

Learn how to productize your service and scale your business beyond yourself.